Half Birthday!

Here we are! Happy half birthday, 6 months to our little love bug and what an eventual 26 weeks it’s been. 

Hayden went from a teeny weeny peanut weighing only 5.5 pounds to the semi-chunky but still petit 16 pounder. 


Our hearts has grown about 10 sizes already and keep growing by the day. His smile and giggle are the best parts of the day and watching Alex love on him basically turns me to a puddle of mush. He has made our lives equal parts more amazing and more hectic. I just cannot imagine my life without this wiggly baby in it. 

He has learned lots over the last 6 months but I have probably learned more. Patience has always been hard for me but I am learning daily that it is one of the keys to being a good parent. I’m also learning that I am not totally in control which was another hard lesson for me. Hayden dictates my day and as much as I can try to get him onto my schedule he makes his own, sometimes that means I get to eat (more than just stuffing some random thing in my mouth) for the first time at 3pm. 

In just a few days we will be heading back to the USA to visit with my family and watch my gorgeous cousin marry the love of her life. I am so excited. I am also pretty nervous. 

Not only do we need to survive two 14 hour international flights but two 6 hour cross country flights and somehow get this little man through about a million time zone changes. Yeah I am not even remotely prepared for this people. I am trying to keep my mind in a positive but realistic place- although that is hard for this sometimes pessimistic mother.

I think the light at the end of the long 14 hour tunnel is that we will be seeing my family and Hayden will get to finally meet his Uncle Matt, Aunt Laura, cousin Nolan, both great grandma’s and my extended family on my dads side at Bekah’s wedding. It is going to be amazing to see so many faces that I haven’t seen since Alex and my wedding nearly 3 years ago. 

I will definitely blog about the travel and what worked and what didn’t work. Should be a really good learning experience for these two parent traveling newbies. I am sure we will get some good pointers from veteran traveling parents. 

Back to the half birthday boy! He is itching to crawl and wants to get into everything, so we really need to start to think about baby proofing our house, I never really noticed how many sharp edges there are. He is babbling like crazy and I think we have a boy taking after his mothers non stop blabber mouth- lucky me! He has recently turned into a super sleeper and now that I have written that down I am sure we will have a nightmare sleeper after this trip. Mostly he is a laid back guy like his dad, unless he is getting his boogies sucked out of his nose which basically means he screams like we are cutting off his toes. He LOVES Murphy and I am anxious to see how our dog copes once Hayden is more mobile since he loves to grab and pull at him already. Yikes. The other thing this little guy loves is the water, he was killing it at “swim lessons” and we really look forward to bath time at night. He started sitting up (occasionally falling over) when he tries to grab at something instead of focusing all his mental energy on the sitting. He is definitely a very busy boy and we are definitely in big trouble once he gets on the move. We could not be more obsessed with him and I am waiting to hear the word Mama and Dada come out of his chatterbox’s mouth. We are blessed.



I cannot wait to watch Hayden grow these next 6 months and continue falling more in love with this son of ours. He is just simply the greatest thing in our lives and I am so glad we were chosen to be his parents. 

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