Pregnancy- Second Trimester Thoughts

At around 12 weeks you finally get to shout from the rooftops that you are expecting! The reason so many people wait is that the chances of something going wrong after this is very low, I am so encouraged by women who decide to share their news of pregnancy before this point because even in those early weeks the excitement of this baby to come is overwhelming.

Second Trimester:

We went the cheesy route with our announcement because how many times can you do something like expected to pop with a blue and pink balloon?


The second trimester you get back all that energy you seemed to have lost in the first trimester. I also lost a lot of bloat- I thought I had the roundest puffiest face the whole first trimester and all that finally went away. I also started to get that long anticipated hints of a bump at around 15 weeks if I had a big enough meal, and bump was in full bloom by about 20 weeks.  I have had some friends have the CUTEST roundest little bumps and I was hoping not to look like a bowling ball with legs because I am short. I’ve asked around and thankfully I do not look like you could roll me down the alley and get a strike.


One of my favorite moments from these second 3 months was feeling the baby kick for the first time. Some moms told me they felt little flutters and I kept waiting for them but my little dude wanted to give me more than that and I started feeling serious kicks at 18 weeks. After that my anxiety over something being wrong dropped significantly. I loved just laying down with my hands on my tummy feeling him moving around.

Clothes started fitting a little tighter and jeans by week 18 were not going to button, but I loved seeing my body changing.

At 20 weeks we got our second scan to see little mans face and confirm he was in fact a little man. Well we are definitely having a boy and this little dude was NOT having it with the pictures. Hands in front of his face the entire time and kicking the Ultrasound tech whenever she tried to get good pictures. Seems to be have his dad’s more shy nature.

After this scan we also learned that I have partial placenta previa which accounted for my sporadic bleeding through the first two trimesters. This also means I may have to have a c-section and we are waiting on a scan next week to confirm if that is necessary or not. Pregnancy is beautiful and can also come with lots of complications so I feel very blessed to have had a low risk healthy pregnancy.


Of course my personality is very over prepared and organized when it comes to big things like travel, house, and things that are really important. I can be very disorganized with small things like needing to cook dinner every night. So our nursery was organized really early. Shout out to my in-laws for all the help painting and getting things installed. Nesting is real people. I have rearranged room after room and cleaned more than ever before.


I really felt my best between 17-28 weeks with my belly not being too huge and having enough energy throughout the day. We also got to go to visit my family during this time and meet our new nephew which was amazing and also see my Gigi who is turning 100 this week!


Also we picked a name during this time! We have told our families but everyone else will have to wait until he gets here to get in on this secret. Here is a hint- it doesn’t end in “er”. It was a mission to finally decide on a name with Alex always trying to think of ways the name could be used to tease him or saying no to names I loved but may have been a little too weird for him. So we settled on this for our criteria- not too common, not to weird. You’ll have to let us know if we hit the mark or not.


  • bump fluctuation- one week you can look small the next huge the week after that small again
  • calf cramps- not every woman gets these but they are terrible in the middle of the night. I have tried many different remedies and none seemed to help.
  • bloating- oh the bloating after meals, in the morning my tummy could be fairly flat and then BAM the afternoon it would look like I ate for 5 people
  • food aversions- I have never been a huge fan of chicken but for a while it made me physically sick to have in my mouth
  • horrible nasal congestion- for weeks on end making it a nightmare to sleep not only for me but for Alex who thought he was sleeping next to a freight train
  • traveling while pregnant has its perks but 14 hour flights are not fun on the back


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