Pregnancy- The First Trimester Thoughts

So today I am 33 weeks pregnant and feeling very large and increasingly uncomfortable. Being that I studied Exercise Science in college I thought I knew a fair amount about pregnancy and birth, that is definitely not the case, especially since taking our prenatal classes over the weekend. I think when you learn about something like pregnancy that it seems so abstract you don’t appreciate it the same way until you are actually growing a tiny human yourself. So I will share my thoughts and experiences on the three trimesters, what I have been most surprised by and what I think of these last +/- 7 weeks I have left to cook this little man.

First Trimester:

There is the definitely an initial shock when you see a positive pregnancy test, I think I probably took about 10 in total over the first 5 weeks. Alex was getting more and more annoyed I was spending money on expensive pregnancy tests when the last 6 were all positive. Oops. With that first positive test I just couldn’t believe it was actually true, then I cried, then I panicked. I didn’t panic because there was a baby on the way I panicked because we had three girls staying with us from the US and I knew Alex would be back from the gym in the very near future and I needed to find a cute way to tell him he was going to be a dad. With brownies still in the oven I ran to the store to get something that said “I love Daddy” best I could find were some socks. I knew I had to tell him straight away because I was bursting with excitement myself and couldn’t have held it in a second longer than I had to.


I was so glad I had enough time to set up a hidden camera and catch his reaction. It is something that still makes me weepy (or is that just these new hormones). He says he knew something was up when he saw me sitting on the edge of the bed waiting for him…duh I was too nervous to act normal. Plus I am pretty sure there were already tears in my eyes.

The first 12 weeks for me were filled with joy and lots and lots of nerves. It is so hard to believe that there is a tiny person inside of you that you can’t feel or even see with a little belly. Poor Alex had to deal with my nervousness and constantly reassure me everything was going to be just fine, ladies I sure did pick the best of them. Here is the first picture of our little cashew baby.


One thing I regret is that I did not take full advantage of my non belly and sleep on my tummy for as long as I could- I wanted to start training my body to sleep on the side and gosh do I miss the nights sleeping on my stomach. Its little things like this that make me laugh now. Also the fact that I was just dying to get that special little belly all women get when they grow tiny humans.

Telling friends and family was also such a treat. We told Alex’s family the day I found out and I was only 2-3 weeks pregnant but I wanted them to share in our excitement as long as they could. We got to tell my family when I was going home for a trip by myself. We made a cute little sign (seen below) and showed it to them over FaceTime. Again I am so thankful I filmed the reactions because it is something I will always cherish, you can watch it via the link below.

Baby Bouka


Another thing we did in the first trimester was find out the babies gender through the panorama test-shout out to my Big Bro for hooking that one up because it is mad expensive in Australia. All they have to do is take a little blood from me around 10 weeks and then BAM a couple weeks later you find out if its a boy or girl. We were thrilled to learn our little bub is going to be a BOY! I have so much respect for those who choose to be surprised but my type A overly prepared personality could not have gone 40 weeks without knowing.



Overall the first trimester was pretty much just lots of fun and I was lucky to not have any morning/all day sickness, not too much moodiness although Alex may disagree, and not really any cravings besides chocolate which that wasn’t really a new development for me.


  • the extreme tiredness- wow so sleepy, that teeny little thing drains you so much the first 12 weeks
  • the nerves of the first 12 weeks ( I had some mild bleeding throughout 1st and 2nd trimester which was torturous thinking something could be wrong with the baby)
  • how hard it was to not tell every single person that I walked past that I was pregnant
  • picking names is HARD! Especially when your Australian husband doesn’t pronounce “er” at the end of words…so one of my favorite names, Asher was O-U-T


2 thoughts on “Pregnancy- The First Trimester Thoughts

  1. This was awesome Abby. Had to watch that video a few times again. My eyes get all wet for some reason. You and Alex will be such wonderful parents. I’m so excited! I love you three!

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