Me and Marriage

Okay everyone here is a confession: I have been trying to write a few blogs about Bali since we got home over a month ago. I have written an intro, read it back to myself, and promptly deleted it about 10 times now. The words just aren’t coming. It was such an amazing trip so I want to do it justice, so this is me promising a blog is in my brain somewhere just has not let itself be known to me yet so be patient.

So instead of putting myself through the pain of attempting to start one more Bali post, I decided to write about something else. Marriage. To be more specific, what I have learned about myself in my marriage so far.


Firstly I have to say what every single person that has ever been married basically says one way or another- marriage is hard work. You put two people who have their own personalities and weird habits together and then have to deal with- 5,000 beauty products overflowing from every drawer in the bathroom, and someone putting their freezing cold feet on your legs at night just as you’ve found your comfy spot. Just remember, this is forever.

I think it helps when you can have a good sense of humor about these weird little quirks we all have, and most of the time I can laugh it off, but catch me on a bad day and I can make the tiniest thing into a HUGE deal with ease. I am very talented in that way, but I am married to a very patient and kind man who somehow knows how to deal with me when I turn into Mr. Hyde.


Some days I am so blissfully happy I think its unfair to be as happy as I am in my marriage. Other days I really have to try. Try hard to think of the happier days to get through those days I am beating myself up for getting annoyed at Alex for not switching the laundry over without being asked. See what I mean? Not switching the laundry is no big deal but sometimes I find a way to make it one. So I have learned that I am so far from the perfect wife, and as much as I love and I mean I deeply love Alex he is not the perfect husband. Those people don’t exist.


Alex sure does set my heart on fire (I mean just look at those dimples), but he also knows how to really get under my skin. He knows me better than anyone, he accepts my faults and loves me anyway. This marriage has been the most eye opening experience to show me Jesus’ love for me. A person who is sinful and full of mistakes and loves me enough to lay down his life for me. Alex shows me a glimpse of that kind of love when he tenderly listens while I cry over burnt cookie. I also know that God has truly blessed me by allowing me to love Alex and be loved in return for the rest of my life.

The most important thing I have learned so far is that I will fiercely love Alex, freezing feet and all for the rest of my life. I am so excited to continue our adventures together, full of fun, a few jet lagged fights, and knowing the best is yet to come!



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