Girls Who Travel

In the last three weeks that Alex and I have been traveling we have seen some pretty amazing things from Bali to the Whitsundays Islands off the Queensland coast. It has been both eye opening and inspiring. While on our trips there was one thing that both of us noticed- girls traveling. Many in groups but also girls traveling solo. I was beyond thrilled.DSC_0020

Growing up I always heard horror stories of women traveling alone and the terrible and confronting things that happened to them. I am sure those awful things still happen today unfortunately and no matter what your gender you must be aware of the dangers that can be around when you are in a foreign country. That being said I was so inspired by these brave women who went it alone. Quitting their jobs because they had this deep urge to see the unfamiliar and experience the growth that inevitably happens when you set off alone.


I did this is 2013 on a much smaller scale than most of these girls I struck up conversations with. I came with the knowledge I had a job and was going to be living in a safe place, but it was still scary to move somewhere where I knew no one and everything was unfamiliar. That move has changed the course of my life. Many of you that follow along on this blog know that I have married one of these once unfamiliar people I met in Australia and have been able to travel the world holding his hand. More than meeting Alex though, I really got to know myself.

Growing up in Miami and going to the same school from 2nd grade to 12th, I was in a very small bubble. I couldn’t wait to burst that bubble when I moved away for college in Alabama. I was 18 and living outside of my home for the very first time. I thought that after college I had really lived but how wrong I was. Thanks to a great friend and fellow travel enthusiast, Andrea, I got the nudge I needed to spread my wings further. In doing that I really cut the strings that had always tied me to “home.” I would no longer have the ability to quickly escape adult life knowing my family was just a short drive or plane ride away. I was no longer going to have the same financial support I had grown accustomed to. I was going to be on my own for real, for the very first time.


As we traveled I was beaming with pride seeing all these girls- who are braver than I- trekking through Bali or enjoying the beauty of the Whitsundays. At one point Alex even said “Is there a weird girl to guy ratio now?” because the women travelers were far outweighing the males. Way to go sisters!!!!!


I want to share a couple of their stories with you from their perspectives. I could not be more happy to have met these fearless and interesting women and you better believe we will cross paths again at some point because friendships made on the road are lasting ones- not matter how long you spent together. So stay tuned for some a couple stories from girls I really admire.

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