March Madness

Usually March Madness means a lot of college basketball and time spent worrying about brackets but this year for me and Alex its going to be all about travel! I usually get excited for March because its when I get to celebrate my birthday but this year the whole month is just making me tingle with excitement.

First comes Bali. Ever since I moved to Australia I have been dying to get to this island. Bali is to Australia as Mexico is to the United States. Its a huge destination for University student and spring breakers alike its full of beaches and restaurants and bars and beautiful places to explore. We will be there for eleven days!!!! Our first stop will be into the mountains to Ubud for a tranquil and natural experience a la Eat Pray Love. We will be staying among the rice patties that are well known in the region. I cant wait to see all the natural beauty this part of the world is going to boast. We will then move down to the beach to stay at a villa in Seminyak with a private pool to boot. We will be doing some scuba diving here and getting to know the local restaurants and getting a much needed tan. There are also some beautiful Temples we would love to walk around. We haven’t made a real schedule yet since we are going at the tail end of the rainy season so we want to make sure the weather is right for all the activities we are going to try and get through. I cannot wait to get back and blog all about it!


We get back from Bali and will only be home for 3 days before jetting off to the Whitsundays in Northern Queensland for the Easter long weekend. Again this has been a place I have been dreaming about since moving to this island continent. The most amazing pictures I have seen from Australia have been from here- the white sands and turquoise waters have mesmerized me and I cannot wait to see them in person. We will be staying on the mainland but will be doing trips to Hamilton and of course doing some diving if the weather permits. Again it is summer so rain is kind of inevitable but we are hoping to have a beautiful and sunny Easter Weekend.


God has been so good to this little family of ours and we have been incredibly thankful to be in a position to see more of this amazing world He has created.


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