Napa Day 2

I had never stayed at a Bed and Breakfast before so to say I was excited to wake up experience the breakfast part is an understatement, and boy did Candlelight Inn deliver! We needed a pretty substantial breakfast to get on with another day of wine tasting and our three courses made sure we had enough energy and full tummy to do just that. We had fruit salad then croissant french toast with cinnamon spiced apples and cranberries, and finally a Mexican frittata with sour cream and salsa. WOW!



After our delicious and adorable breakfast we decided to attempt to take our own Christmas card photo which was an epic failure and then it was off to our first winery.


We waved goodbye to our cute B&B and headed to a Greek winery on the recommendation from a wine tour guide- and of course having my Greek husband with me we couldn’t miss this spot! Darioush was breathtaking as soon as we drove up. Greek styled pillars made of sandstone in front of this beautiful house and tasting room. The wine here was pricier but delivered with amazing taste. If we lived in California we definitely would have become wine club members here. We picked up an extra special bottle of wine to give to my mom and rushed to our next spot.


My older brother and sister-in-law are members at a place called Groth and Matt booked us in for a free tasting! What a good big brother!

I had been before with Matt so it was nice to do a tasting here again, we even sat at the same exact table to sip on these awesome wines. It always fun to hear the history of these family run wineries and at this one the owners pugs walk around while you’re tasting. Mr. Chow and I got along splendidly.



After Groth we were looking for a some food and ended up in the cutest little town called Yountville. We grabbed some sandwiches from Yountvillle Deli a few snacks and of course a coffee. What is it about sipping wine that is just exhausting? After eating our lunch in the car it was time to try another of our recommended wineries- Cakebread.


After Cakebread (which had some nice wine- we picked up a bottle of red to share with the family) it was off to our last stop, Robert Mondavi. This is a very well known winery that has both affordable and easy to drink wines. We shared our last flight sitting outside enjoying the beautiful California weather and each others company. I sure do love traveling with Alex he is constantly making me laugh helping me navigate from one winery to the next.

Napa was fantastic and of course we will be back as soon as we can to try more of the hundreds of wineries this area boasts. Plus our last stop of the day was to the outlet mall which just so happens to be perfectly positioned right before the highway back to San Jose. We left Napa with wonderful memories and more than a few bottles of wine.



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