Nanny Life

Sometimes I catch myself doing something pretty terrible. I find myself every now and then feeling upset about what I am doing in my career at the moment…Nannying. I would never have expected that a college part time job would become my life for the four years since graduating. I have now been either a part time of full time nanny going on 8 years. I think back to when I started at 18 living in Birmingham and picking up a nannying job to help me buy food that was not made in the cafeteria. Fast forward to being nearly 26 and now onto my 7th family.


I’m not sure why but I see people I know of Facebook or LinkedIn making big strides in their careers or finishing their post graduate degrees and its so hard to not feel some jealousy along with being happy to see so many people I know doing such amazing things. I have posted about this before but it warrants a revisit because its something I am still constantly trying to reprogram my brain to believe- what I am doing is important and is teaching me lessons that will forever benefit my life.

I am not a parent, I am not a teacher, and I am not a sibling to these kids- I am something of a mashed up mix of bits of all three. Its such a tough job somedays to remind myself that I am not technically part of these families and so often I am only a part of their lives for a short while but I am forever making my mark on not only the kids but the parents I am working for. Among the cute videos and pictures I post of my funny and adorable kids are the hard moments I do not post about- tantrums, stomach viruses, and learning how to reach each kid in a way that helps them most. Most of the kids I have looked after have been under the age of 6 and usually the outnumber me by at least 2 its a full on job.


 Besides the fact that each child has made my life immensely better and all that I have learned about parenting this has been a job that has given me the opportunity to pursue my others passions like not many jobs could have. I can’t think of too many jobs that allow the amount of travel I have had. Its pretty awesome to ask a family if it would be okay to take a week and a half off to go to Bali for fun. Or understands that sometimes I need to go back to the United States for three weeks to see family and stand by one of my best friends as she becomes a wife.   

So each time I feel sorry for myself that my life didn’t follow the exact path I planned out at 17 I kind of want to punch myself in the face when I start thinking straight. Gosh I am so lucky to have the job I do. I get to color with a 3 year old, watch babies learn to walk and say their first words, help with homework, and be loved by “my kids”! I will cherish every moment… okay well maybe not all the diapers changed and tears over bread with crust on it, but you know what I mean.


My mom is always encouraging me to make a positive impact on each family I get to work with and I really hope that if my mom could be a fly on the wall I am making her proud.

 My goal has always been to have a job that helps people, and hey I am doing exactly what I always wanted just not in the way I always imagined. And that is totally fine by me.

 I want to thank every family that I have worked with for allowing me into their lives and really making me a part of the family, each and every one of you has made me a better person and I am eternally grateful.


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