Santa Cruz 1

Just over an hour away towards the coast lays a cool city called Santa Cruz. We got to go here a couple times during our trip to California and I can totally see why it is one of my brother and sister-in-laws favorite spots.


Of course we came during the winter season so beach time consisted of layering and keeping warm and this was a good thing for me since I was definitely not bikini ready. Even though I am positive the water was frigid there are still tons of brave surfers in wet suits making the rest of us look like wimps.



On our first little day trip to Santa Cruz the main goal was a little workout run and then to get Acai bowls from this little health cafe. I unfortunately (or not so unfortunately) had to miss out on the run due to my annoying heel spur but I did get to have an Acai smoothie and delicious breakfast burrito. Let me tell you I really really REALLY like breakfast burritos so I ate as many as possible while on this trip- (more about this later).



After we were done with our acai bowls and doing a little shopping my mom took us to this awesome little winery called Beauregard Vineyards to do a wine tasting. This spot was so cute, tucked away in the hills surrounded by redwoods. We got to taste some really awesome red and white wines but are pretty sad to know that most wineries don’t ship to Australia. While we were tasting someone saw what looked like a cat out in the grass which lead to a pretty big discussion as to if it was indeed a cat or a mountain lion. Turns out it was a bobcat so you tell me who was more correct. Alex showed off his impeccable tasting skills, my mom told us about how she found this hidden gem, and of course we enjoyed ourselves immensely and laughed a lot.


It was a pretty fantastic first time to Santa Cruz and I sure do love this family of mine!





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