Back to Real Life

Real life- its when you’re not doing the awesome stuff you’re posting on Instagram and yes I am guilty of only posting when I am doing something cool, but real life is when you’re back to work making dinner and lounging around the house. For some reason people don’t seem to like pictures of me cooking dinner** (while watching The Office) or sitting on the couch wasting time (also while watching The Office)- go figure. Hey, I love travel but I also really love real life. The days when I travel I feel like I am on cloud nine seeing and experiencing all these new wonders. California felt like that- some was familiar, like my family and San Jose, but mostly it was seeing and doing all these new amazing things. I loved it! But coming home and getting back into routine is still really great. It may not be filled with excitement every single day but it sure is filled with a lot of love.

Now that I am back at home and feeling a bit jet lagged and also back in my own SUPER comfortable bed with my favorite pillows (all 9 of them) I cannot wait to blog about our trip. I’ll savor those three weeks of exploring California for a few months before I start to get itchy for our next trip (which by the way I am already trying to sort out).

I decided while I was away not to worry about my site and just enjoy the time Alex and I spent there, but I was pretty pumped to get back on today and see that there is still lots of traffic. Thanks for the support everyone and caring about what a little blonde American girl living in Australia has to say.

I hope in the next few weeks I can entertain you all with the stories and pictures I brought home with me from California. That place is just dreamy! I am planning to post about each city we got to visit and maybe to a couple of more personal things mixed in there. I’ve missed writing but the good news is my fingers are tingling with words to put into stories that I hope will entertain and inspire.

Happy New Year! 2016 is going to be just amazing!


**if you are actually in interested in watching me cook (I promise it’s not THAT boring) you can check out my YouTube channel below**

Ausmerican Experience


Big Sur

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