The Great Anticipation

Is there anything better than gearing up for a new trip? I mean besides the actual trip itself?

I just love the few weeks leading up to a new adventure, the anticipation of getting to do all the things you’ve planned is so much fun. I get this bouncy feeling in my stomach about all the things I need to get done before a trip and can barely hold one thought in my head because I am so excited.


Well we are 11 days out from our three week California getaway. I have the bouncies FOR REAL! I think its partly because I just adore going on new adventures with Alex and getting to share experiences in this amazing world with him, but it may also have to do with the fact that I haven’t been back to the USA in a YEAR! Yup, thats right I have not been on that good ol’ merican soil since our wedding last year.


Alex will be the first to tell you I am a planner. I get this really high anxiety when the anything deviate from the original plan. I have noticed this more and more as I have gotten older. Changing plans often happens when starting to figure out a trip. It is inevitable that things just will not completely come together- I try my best to go with the flow but I always feel the nagging itch that I need to be in control. I skirt the edge of loving the unexpected and fearing not being prepared for it. I guess thats part of the fun of traveling though. But maybe I should look into the Big Sur accommodation just one more time……


I am really excited to get to see more of the California coast with this hunky Australian I get to call my husband. I can hardly believe this first year of marriage is almost over but I know that year two will be filled with new challenges and exciting new adventures together. GET AT ME CALIFORNIA! 11 more sleeps!!!!!!!!!!


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