Time Off and Too Much Fun

Hey everyone I am back from taking a few months off of the blog! YIPPEE!!  From time to time life just seems to go at warp speed and its hard to keep up with the daily activities you need to do and also take the time to do the things you love but aren’t necessarily at the top of the priority list. Thats what has been going on with me.  Lets do some much needed catch up!


Alex and I are gearing up to have our California vacation in just three weeks. I can hardly believe its that close now. We will be flying into LA and doing the Pacific Coast highway drive to San Jose so I am really pumped to blog about that! Maybe we can even find his lost sweater shown below…whereabouts unknown but last seen in LA January 2015. I will keep you posted as the story develops.


In other news my younger brother finally made it to the sunburnt country down under. He was here for two weeks and let me tell you we got through quite a bit while he was here.  We took him down to Kirra on the Gold Coast for the first weekend to have some beach time. David tried his hand at surfing and we even got to go up into the mountains for a bush walk on a rainy day. I will always love Gold Coast weekends so bring it on Australian summer!


Of course David got to see a great deal of Brisbane and eat at some of our favorite restaurants. We also got to celebrate Alex turning 28 while he was here.



One day I took David to the local Koala Sanctuary at Lone Pine so he could get to know the native animals that Australia has. We had so much fun hopping around with kangaroo’s and David got to do the traditional holding of a super fluffy Koala that I make all our guests do. He kept wanting to steal a koala or kangaroo for a pet at our house but none of them seemed to fit in my backpack. Total bummer. David really felt at home with those muscular male kangaroo’s…just see the picture for yourself.IMG_5895




If you know David then you know of his fear of sharks so of course getting him to agree to go snorkeling here in Australia took a little coaxing. As he pointed out the hardest part is just getting in the water that first time and once you start snorkeling you don’t want to get out! We went on an eco tour of Tangalooma and did boom netting (which none of us enjoyed too much), snorkeling sunken ships, and having a few hours at a gorgeous beach on Moreton Island hiking up a massive sand dune and finding starfish. Apparently Alex spotted some dugongs but there was no one to confirm so we are still suspicious.



As much fun as it was to be hanging out with my most favorite little brother the biggest joy for me was watching my husband and him really become brothers. They got to go the gym together every day, kicked around the rugby ball at the park down the street, and Alex even took David to play some squash. Since Alex and I have spent a majority of our relationship away from my family it was amazing to finally watch them bond the way I knew they would.


With Thanksgiving just a few days away now I just want to say I am so incredibly thankful for my family, but I am extra thankful for my husband who has just been incredible this year. They aren’t joking when they say the first year or marriage is tough- but when God blesses you with partner like Alex, it makes those tough moments so much more bearable. I am super pumped to be spending our first anniversary in California having new adventures together.


He is so dreamy!

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