Calendar Anxiety

I just had a shock and maybe a small panic attack when I took a look at my calendar today. There were only about 15 days from now until we head to California that weren’t filled with either a birthday reminder or some occasion to attend or host.

Everything in this house seems to fall between the months of August and December. In some ways I am so excited that there are so many fun things to do in these final months of the year and in some ways I resist the urge to breathe deeply into a brown paper bag.

Whenever I think too much about time my brain kind of starts to hurt. I cannot believe how fast this first year of marriage is going but I also feel like sometimes one day can feel more like five days smushed into that tiny 24 hour time period.  I want to fast forward through the days that bore me to tears and at the same time pause those perfect days I never want to end.

I feel like these next couple months will be like that, anticipating all the fun things that will be happening can make the days pass at a glacial pace but I will be so sad when those days are over.

Where is Hermione Granger with her magical Time-Turner when you need her? Because honestly I could really use that right about now.

IMG_4939 abby_alex-114


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