Confronting my Collection

My last two years of college I had the pleasure of living alone. It was a really great experience for me I learned to cook and that being in your own company is actually really healthy. Unfortunately it may have also given me some bad habits that I am now discovering in my first year of marriage. See when you have your own place no one is there to judge your habits…

For those of you that follow my blog I have openly talked about my obsession with decorative pillows. I thought that maybe that was my only real issue in sharing a home with my bare minimum husband. I was mistaken.

The other night after coming up stairs from dinner I was confronted by Alex holding up a new face-wash I had gotten from the store that day. He asked me why we needed a new one when the one we had wasn’t even empty… WELL…..

I am pretty sure the lotions and potions companies target girls like me with all their ornate pictures and ingredients like coconut oil and oatmeal and promises to help skin or hair feel smooth and glisten in the sun. I’m not a big girly girl with loads of makeup (I hardly wear any during the week) but hair and skin products I just cannot seem to resist.

For example I have very sensitive skin so finding a good body wash for the shower can sometimes be hard. I had recently found 1-5 different ones I wanted to try so off I went buying them to see which would make my skin feel like silk and not give me hives. The one I currently like is a goats milk with honey body wash-sounds weird but is AWESOME let me tell you. Alex would be happy using the bar of soap you can take from hotels for the rest of his life- no offense but I don’t like when my skin feels so tight it could crack open at any moment from dryness.

Then there are the never-ending bottles of shampoo and conditioner. For anyone that colors their hair you understand that its important to keep your hair heathy and some shampoos simply do NOT cut it! I can’t help it that every other company promises that they will help to make your hair beautiful. Its like Pokemon for hair products- instead of gotta catch em all- its gotta try em all!

After a long discussion we came to an agreement- I am ONLY allowed to get a new bottle of anything once the one I am using is empty. This may take 3-5 years with all the bottles I have collected in the last 9 months of marriage. OOPS!

That is marriage. You are constantly learning new things about your partner and accepting parts of them you may not exactly agree with. At the end of the day Alex loves me, 100+ bottles of products and all.


Okay, okay….I guess I have a problem.

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