Adulting Ain’t Easy

When I was younger I used to look at my parents and think “how in the world am I ever going to be able to do what they do?”.


I couldn’t imagine owning a house, a car, taking care of children and paying for everything. When my mom would tell my little brother something was too expensive he would simply reply “it’s okay just write a check” as if it was that easy.

Just the other day I was talking to Alex about how in the world currency works… even after discussing it with his friend in finance I still don’t quite get it.

Younger me couldn’t wait to grow up and now adult me wishes I had clung tighter to those days when things were simpler.  Here are a few things I have learned since I started “Adulting”

  • Groceries don’t just magically show up in your fridge and cabinet
    • on the topic of groceries- if you don’t eat some things quick enough they do go bad and you waste your money
  • Keeping your lights on and a TV working, you actually have to pay your electricity bills
    • in the summer those bills like to punch you straight in the stomach- thank you air-conditioning and Brisbane climate
  • When I want to go do something fun I can’t just go to my parents room, find my dads wallet and take a couple twenties out of it (sorry dad)
    • I have gone car seat diving to find a few coins to pay for a coffee- also I am so glad Australia doesn’t have a one cent coin
  • You have to make your own doctors appointments
    • this doesn’t mean I don’t call my mother and list my symptoms and ask her to diagnose me over the phone
  • Wanting something and needing something have a whole new meaning when you have to pay for stuff yourself
    • now I calculate things by how many hours of work it takes me to pay for it “is that dress worth the 4 hours of hard work it took me to buy it?”
  • Taxes
    • enough said
  • EVERYTHING costs money- even the “free stuff” sometimes when you really think about it
    • gas ain’t free so even if you’re going on a hike somewhere it will cost you to get there

Alex and I have been extremely fortunate though to be missing out on some of the adult things our friends are having to deal with thanks to our amazing parents that have helped us make the easiest transition into “Married Adulting”. We are currently living in an amazing house rent free thanks to Alex’s parents. We aren’t paying off a beautiful wedding thanks to mine. Plus both sets of parents help us out whenever we need it.


I am so impressed with my friends who are just kicking this Adulting thing in the butt and making it look so easy!

Our present situation isn’t going to last forever- although I wish it would. We will need to make some really huge decisions in the next few years especially once we decide to start a family. I can see it now- our parents arguing over where we should be and who wants to be called what.  I hope our parents don’t mind when we decide to sell all our belongings and start a new life in Bora Bora as jet ski instructors.



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