Playing a Little Catch-Up

A few weeks ago Alex and I continued our outdoor adventures and getting more fresh air. It was re“fresh”ing to really be outside and get my sweat on. Alex and I got to catch up with some good friends down on the Gold Coast at a really hip café called The Paddock- Alex learned that dippy eggs were not quite his forte and I remembered how much fun it is laughing and having great conversations with fantastic people.


After grabbing some brekky Alex and I headed to Springbrook for a hike. I am not much of a hiker since growing up in Miami was not really conducive to such things, this becomes very evident on the uphill part of a hike when I get a good sweat going after just a few steps. I am wondering when my buff husband will get strong enough to carry me piggy back for the 2 kilometers uphill so I can just enjoy the view instead of gasping for breath. All jokes aside it was an amazing hike I was glad we weren’t dying of heat because there was an amazing breeze on the way down to see the Purlingbrook falls. I was kind of obsessed with the rainbow effect the waterfall made and trying to take my precious time before heading back up to the top.



We had a pretty slow pace (thanks to my short legs and lack of hiking skills) but it made it much easier to really take in the beauty of Queensland. I will be ready for when we visit California and go on some hikes with my more experienced brother and sister-in-law.



Alex and I have a standing tradition of a special date night each week- which usually consists of us eating some amazing food at a cool restaurant. There are very few things I like better than good company and food. This weekend though I decided we needed a bit of a change and found a place for us to go horseback riding.


 I learned when I was younger at sleep away camp called Tapawingo in New York state and loved it ever since but I haven’t been on a horse it about 10 years so needless to say I was overly excited to have this date.

We did a beginners ride since neither of us have been on a horse in such a long time plus my hubs said something along the lines of “I am scared of horses….I just don’t know what they are thinking.” I just find him to be the cutest human on the planet for saying things like this. Heart eyes all day long for my amazing husband.

After a brief, and I mean very brief, introduction to riding we were off on our little adventure though the paddocks in Alberton. It was so fun to ride again and feel how powerful these amazing animals are. Alex even got up to a canter!


 We will definitely go horseback riding again but we both need to put some buttpads in our pants to avoid the saddle soreness we both experienced after our ride.

I love how fun our marriage is and that we are constantly finding new ways to enjoy each others company.


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