Waves and Whales

I have always wanted to go whale watching- so last weekend Alex made that happen. He is a great listener, I am extra thankful for that because anyone who knows me well can testify I am quite the talker, but more than just listening to my hopes and dreams this guy takes it to the next level and really tries to make sure they actually come true.

He is a gem!


We drove up to Moreton Bay and got on a boat with about 80 other people on a gloomy Saturday morning. I have never done well on boats because I get really sea sick so I made sure to get the little pill for a dollar to make sure I enjoyed the trip instead spending the day bent over the side of the boat chumming the water with my breakfast. Other people were not so smart.

It was a very bumpy ride out to the tip of Moreton Island and we were confined to the cabin with the sounds of people heaving and kids laughing as we went over each big wave. When we finally got out to the where the Humpback Whales were we immediately starting seeing spouts of water bursting into the air from beneath the water.



I wont lie I was hoping to see the whales breaching all day but that just didn’t happen- we mostly just saw their backs and tails. Thats the thing about wild animals- they do what they please. Regardless of that I was in awe of how massive these gentle giants really were when they swam near the boat. It was amazing.



After we started heading back in the skies opened and the glum morning turned into a gorgeous afternoon. The thing I love most about having adventures with Alex is that no matter what kind of day it is or what we are doing I spend hours on end laughing and enjoying myself because I am with my favorite person.


We are hoping to go over to Mooloolaba and swim with them come August when they are heading back towards the tropics. Before that we are going to be getting back to Sydney and Byron Bay. I am anxious to get back to Sydney and see my friends and spend more time in the city were I fell in love.

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