Six Month Bliss

As Alex and I are swiftly approaching being married for 6 months this weekend I began to really think about all it took for us to come together.


Rewind to Spring 2013- I was a recent college graduate taking a little mental break from learning before applying for Masters programs. I was fried from college the last two years from transferring and losing credits I had to go to school all year round for my Junior and Senior years of college. It wasn’t fun. I was pretty over studying and listening to lectures so I moved back to Miami to have a 6 month break before completing my Masters of Occupational Therapy dream.


I’ve always been a planner, I was even one of the first people in my high school graduating class to know where I was going to college. I was set. Or so I thought, but after four and half years of college I was just wanted to see what else was out there- besides school.

I remember the day perfectly I was sitting the the stands at The University of Miami field and signed up for an Au Pair serivce. This part of the story I can thank to my dear friend Andrea who encouraged me to do what she had done and go abroad to nanny for a year. She went to Italy and I envied her pictures for months.

Two week after signing up BAM I was offered the job and being an Au Pair to a family in Sydney Australia. Five months later I was boarding the plane for that long flight accompanied by way too much luggage.



All I had wanted was to widen my view- to see more and experience new things. I never really planned to meet a man that would sweep me off my feet and make me fall in love.

He was a Brisbane boy that moved to Sydney for a job at IBM and just so happened to come to a dinner and meet me- a crazy loud American girl in Australia for adventure.

Neither one of us were looking for our future spouses when we met but there was that instant spark I had heard about for years. It was the feeling that I was meant for Alex. I had prayed for this man since I was a little girl but I never really imagined it happening the way it did.

We had to come together from two different countries, from thousands of miles and all orchestrated by the Creator.


The day I walked down the aisle to meet my groom was a lifetime highlight that came on the heels of a whirlwind one year romance. Alex and I only dated for seven months before getting engaged and had only been together just a little over a year when we said “I do”. To a lot of people is seems a little crazy, even for my family it took a while for everyone to get on board with this international romance.

Marriage has been awesome, I absolutely love being a wife and getting to go through all of life’s challenges with Alex cheering me on and visa versa. Six months is a very small amount of time but I am thankful for every single day I get to be Alex’s wife.

I wasn’t sure why I was feeling so pulled toward Australia when I signed up to be a nanny for a year- looking back now I know without a doubt God was leading me to my husband. I thought coming here would bring me hopping kangaroos and a year of seeing new sights and having new experiences and it sure did all those things but it also brought me into the arms of my adoring Australian/Greek love of my life.

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