Dream a Little Dream

Dream a little dream…..

Only sometimes those little dreams are pretty huge. One of my dreams is to get to every continent and hopefully get close as close as I can to seeing 100 countries. Thats more than just a little dream.

Speaking of dreams- I have had the pleasure of watching my younger brother fulfill his on of his this past week of playing at the college world series in Omaha. He plays baseball for University of Miami- which was his dream as a young kid. Sometimes it makes me jealous to be honest getting to watch him do all these things he has always wanted to, and at 25 I still don’t know what the heck I am meant to be doing. Not to say he didn’t have to fight for them because he did, I watched that God fearing boy turn into a man overcoming the adversity of injury for three years straight. He never let it set his dreams back and oh man does that make me look up to that little-big brother of mine. Soon enough he will be playing for the New York Mets and fulfilling his dream of being a major league baseball player- so I guess that means I am a Mets fan by default.


For the most part I think dreams usually start off fairly small and work their way up to becoming big dream. I am not sure when it happened but my dreams changed. For the longest time I wanted to be a Vet- but then I worked at one and hated seeing animals be put down and in pain so that dream was over. Then I wanted to be a doctor, then I wanted to be a Physical Therapist, and the most recent dream was to be an Occupational Therapist. The last one still pulls at me because at my internship with an OT office I could really picture that being my life.

Things can change and circumstances cause you to make a new path. Thats what has happened to me, a few times actually. I never really imagined my life would be where it is now- in Australia with a new husband and no job. If I could have predicted my life 4 years ago I would say I would be just finished with my masters degree in Occupational Therapy and be starting a new job. Its taken me a while to be okay with walking this new road but I think it has allowed me to realize other dreams I have always had. My dream to travel and see the world for example has been given a big helping hand and I love that.


I don’t always respond well to change and I am not so graceful figuring out what comes next – I am stubborn and hate being wrong but I think my circumstances are God’s way of changing that part of me slowly but surely. The one dream that I will make sure to fulfill is being the person God has intended me.

I am hopeful He will use me to help others in some kind of way because thats definitely a dream I would love to be able to fulfill.


One thought on “Dream a Little Dream

  1. Good reminders, Abby. It’s always interesting to look back at our dreams and be reminded that they can still come true. It has been a beautiful thing to see some of your little brother’s dreams come true. He’s worked very hard and sacrifice much to achieve them, but I know he’d say it’s all been worthwhile. And look at you! How many of your dreams have come true? Pretty amazing. Someone said, “Don’t dream your life, live your dreams.” I like that.

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