I grew up in Miami and have called it home for nearly 20 years. Tomorrow my family will move out of my childhood home. A home I made so many memories in I can hardly remember them all. I went away to college when I was 18 but I still called Miami home because thats where my family was. I think thats what make a home, not where it is or the house you live in, but the people who live within those walls thats what makes a place a home.


I now have a home here in Australia because my little family is here, the little family that is made up of me and my new husband. Its so nice to have a home with Alex and I know there are lots of new memories to make here with him. I can’t help but feel that pang of sadness in not being able to go back to the home I know and loved. It wasn’t that the house was all that nice or fancy or special but it was being able to have somewhere familiar that made it feel like a big warm hug each time I got to go back to it.

I know eventually they will move into a house in California and start making a home there and then I wont feel so weird about the whole move, and we are really pumped they will be so much closer to us down here in Australia.


Miami isn’t going anywhere and I know the friends I have there will always be my friends but Miami just isn’t my home anymore and that is just kind of surreal. I have felt like a nomad since I was 18 moving every two years to a new place, never putting roots too deep and I still like the idea of that. I like the new I like the unfamiliar I just like it more when I know there is a place I can go back to and feel the old and familiar.


Since Miami wont be the final destination anymore when planning trips back to the United States to see my family I know there will be a few things I will miss. I’ll miss my favorite burger joint being 7 minutes from the house. I will miss knowing my way around the city. I will miss getting to see my Miami friends. I will miss the familiar.

The greatest thing about the move is I get to experience all the joys of seeing the new.

I can’t wait to get over to California in December to see my family and celebrate this new journey they are starting on the West Coast.


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