Stamp of Approval

Oh man how I have been dying to write this blog for the last year. Last Friday I got an email from the Australian Immigration and in that email it stated I was approved for my Temporary Partner Visa!


So for the next year I will again wait- I am getting much better at that, the waiting that is- for the government to contact me in regards to my permanent residency. I always knew the government worked slow but in this last year I saw just how slow that can be, slow and disconnected.

 I am excited that this means I am one step closer to being an Australian citizen. There are many steps to go but I am going to be celebrating each one!

Another big step was officially changing my name here. I am finally going to get to write Abigail Boukogiannis on forms and can stop having to remember where I put my maiden name and where I put my married name, although Alex was right about the fact that no one can pronounce this last name or knows how to spell it. I am already a pro at it but I may still keep booking reservations under Thompson seems like people know how to spell that one pretty well.


My next step for life seems a little big more unclear- its hard to go from living in the United States and having a Bachelors Degree from a great University and working to moving to a new country and nothing is the same and struggling to find my place. The one thing I do know is that where I go is in God’s hands- and wherever that may be I know its going to be amazing. Especially with Alex by my side.


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