I found my inspiration yesterday while sitting at the DMV/Department of Transportation. I started thinking about all the people around the world that are moving to another country. There are so many reasons this happens- from fleeing from oppression, for love, for work, or even for adventure. Whatever the reason may be it is far from an easy process.

I have blogged a little bit about my experience before but it is worth an update. Last year in July Alex and I applied for a partner visa and it take 12-15 months to be processed and reviewed. I am not the most patient person on the planet and between the mountains of paperwork and hoops to jump through I have shed a few tears- always keeping in mind the end goal which is being with Alex and living in Australia.

Last week I got a call from my caseworker- THE FIRST CALL in this entire process. She had some good news- my visa request was being processed and I was only missing one crucial paper to get my visa….my FBI check from the United States. My FBI check was turned in at the end of December but got sent back 3 months later- YES 3 MONTHS LATER- saying I was missing a signature. So with the signature done and the paperwork resent I wait for it to come which probably wont be for another 3 months.

Waiting is hard no matter what the situation BUT:

“When I wait YOU strengthen my heart.”

Psalm 27:14

I want to say this to all those people who are moving to another country- it is frustrating, it is long and tedious, there are setbacks but there is a light at the end of the tunnel sometimes its just teeny tiny.

At the DMV waiting to get my Australian license I had yet another set back- I couldn’t change my maiden name because I didn’t have my original marriage license (I brought a signed copy) all I wanted was to go home and break something because I just wanted one tiny piece of this process to go smoothly.

Thankfully I have gem of a husband who took me out to dinner and hugged me tight and reminded me everything will be okay- it made me feel so much better- breaking something would have been cool though and probably therapeutic. I still am dreading heading back to the dreaded Queensland department of transport, but I will not be defeated by this stupid paperwork! I am nearing the end of a very long year of waiting and paperwork, a year of uploading said paperwork. It is all coming to an end soon and I cannot wait to breathe that sigh of relief and celebrate one step down because there are quite a few more- like applying for permanent residency and eventually citizenship. Today though I am thankful for the support system I have in my family and friends- there is no way I could have gotten through all of this without them encouraging me along the way.

3 thoughts on “Migrating

    • Hey! Yea I’m migrating from the United States. I love it in Australia but definitely miss home (especially the food) but when I’m in the U.S. I do miss it in Australia so I understand it’s an amazing country pretty lucky to be able to go back and forth between the U.S. and here. :)

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