Just a Touch of Writers Block

Have you ever had a lot to say but just cant seem to find the words? If you have, then you know exactly how I feel and it is totally frustrating.

Lately I have been experiencing a serious case of writers block. Life has been pretty normal and I just haven’t been in the mood to write. We are heading down to Melbourne this weekend to celebrate our wedding with Alex’s Greek family- I am hoping that will spark my fingers to find the words more easily.

Words can be a double edged sword because they have infinite ways of touching us- they can hurt, they can put a smile on your face, and they can inspire us. Not only that but some sentences really strike a chord with one person and is meaningless to the next. Writing for me has always been therapeutic, I have kept journals since I was really young. Reading them now makes me gag because 11/12 year olds really don’t have any clue what life is really like and they aren’t usually supposed to, so I wrote about cute boys, friends and being annoyed at my parents.

Now though I have so much more to say because I have experienced so much more than 11 year old Abby could have imagined. I went away to college when I was 18 then transferred to a different college half way though. I studied-A LOT. I moved in with friends- I moved out to my own apartment. I lost my amazing grandfather too soon. My faith has been tested time and again. I worked a bunch of different jobs. I made friends- I lost friends. I traveled. I learned to appreciate my family more. I moved to a different country, traveled some more. Met a guy named Alex- got engaged, got married. Worked with the Australian government to get a permanent visa. Moved into our first home. Learned what its really like to be a housewife. Struggled to find a job. Most of all I learned life is totally unexpected sometimes.

I have been though a lot in my 25 years and writing has always helped me get through the highest highs and lowest lows. Writing is something I really love but sometimes it just doesn’t come easily. Sometimes my thoughts are too jumbled up or too unfocused and thats whats been happening lately. I need that beautiful inspiration to get my words right.

I promise I will- be patient with me the words are all up in my head they just need to find their way to my fingers, because I sure do have a lot to say.

2 thoughts on “Just a Touch of Writers Block

  1. For me, sometimes I just have to start small and work my way up. 300-500 words a day on a single piece and before you know it, you’ve got a lot of words! (the water doesn’t run if that tap isn’t on)

    Either way, stick with it! The words always come. And if you’re ever looking for some inspirational musings or great book reviews be sure to follow! Thanks!

  2. Hi Abby, So good to hear from you, I think of you often and remember the good time we had when you were here with me. You are a special girl. I just got off the phone with your Mom. If she can work it out she will come here Sunday, she sure is a busy one these days, I know the school and the teachers hate to lose her, not to mention how I will miss her. The plan these days is for me to move to an independent living place, right there in Ariz near both familyes, not until the fall. We shall see and Iswill keep you up to date. How is the new pup? Chip and Sandy have invited me to go with them on a cruise next week, we will see if that can be worked out. No more for now, do keep in touch, love you much…Alex too…..Gram

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