Alex and I have officially been married 4 months. That is such a small amount of time in the grad scheme of our forever marriage. It is so cheesy to say, and I have always rolled my eyes at girls saying things like “marrying my BEST FRIEND” on Facebook and Instagram, but Alex is honestly my very best friend. In a lot of ways though that doesn’t do him justice because he is far more than just that to me. He is my most favorite human being. I really never thought one person could mean so much to me but there is no one on this planet that makes me as happy as he does.

The adventure of marriage has been such a blast so far. I am really getting the hang of having to cook like all the time- its weird how much of our lives revolve around food. I still look at our wedding pictures all the time and think about how incredibly blessed I am to be married to a person who is constantly making me fall more in love with him.

I love that we get to just be together all the time and laugh and be silly- its like having a lifetime long sleepover with your best friend but way better. There is still junk food and movies and laughing uncontrollably but there is also a love between me and Alex that makes all those things infinitely more fun.

My life isn’t always full of travel and new experience- although of course it would be amazing if it could be. Sometimes life is just the “boring” everyday things you do together- but those boring things are just as important because we all need to learn to be more grateful for the everyday things we have- like getting to eat dinner together and talk about the day.

April has been one of those months where we are just doing the everyday stuff but May is gearing up to be lots of fun! It all starts this weekend when we get to celebrate the engagement of Alex’s cousin and then we are in full swing wedding mode for the rest of the month. One of Alex’s good friends is marrying his love and I cannot wait to celebrate with them on Mount Tamborine. Alex and I are also getting to celebrate our marriage with his Greek family in Melbourne and I couldn’t be more excited to get back down to a city I fall more in love with each time I get to visit.

Bottom line is sometimes boring is still fun and sometimes you just need to sit back and take in life as it is instead of always wanting a taste of the unfamiliar.


Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other.

Romans 12:10

This is the verse I had engraved in Alex’s wedding ring- and it is definitely the way I want to life my life and especially how I want to live out my marriage.

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