I am not sure if I have experienced something quite as cool as doing scuba diving for the first time.

I felt like a mermaid- a mermaid with about 20 pounds of gear on- but a mermaid none the less. It was amazing to be able to breathe under water and not need to come up for air. Of course not everyone is able to have their first scuba experience in a magical place like Bora Bora and on their honeymoon no less, but honestly if you get a chance to try it out DO IT! It doesn’t matter where because the experience is just amazing.


After doing our introduction dive with a French man named Gero/Jero, not quite sure on the spelling but it sounded extremely French, we were hooked- I think it would have been hard not to be. Once we got back to Australia, Alex almost immediately signed us up for a dive course so that we could get open water certified.


We did the PADI Open Water dive course that consisted of two full days of learning, diving and showing the instructors our skills while in the op. Well it was meant to be two days long. Of course a cyclone on the weekend of our course made it impossible to do our open water dives, so it only took us a month and a half to finish our certification.


Now we can officially go anywhere in the world and scuba dive up to 18 meters! There are so many cool places to dive in Australia so we will start here, but I cannot wait to go and see some of amazing marine life all over this planet. Bring on our next underwater adventure!

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 9.49.13 AM


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