Sunday Strolls

I think my hubs and I need to make it a point to do more hikes and walks. There’s  nothing wrong with a date night filled with yummy food and delicious wine but there is something to be said about a day date surrounded by nature.


On this particular Sunday we decided to do some exploring around Daisy Hill Forest. It was actually brought on by the fact that I had been sent a “Flat Stanley” in the mail and needed to do more than just take him to a nice dinner, plus I really don’t think a paper cut out of a man named Stanley could appreciate a nice risotto.


I was honestly glad for the chance to walk around and get to know my new camera lens some more. Plus Alex seems to be a serious kangaroo spotter. It was nice to be outside enjoying the last weeks of the warm Queensland weather, although I am still not thrilled by the amount of spiders I had crawl on me.


There are lots of places like this to explore- we have recently met some new friends who love to hike and any excuse to use the great outdoors instead of the gym is something I am absolutely supportive of.


I think as an American I am still in awe of the fact that instead of seeing gross looking opossums and scruffy raccoons at parks, I have traded that for the cutest hopping kangaroos and laughing kookaburras. I still feel that giddiness when I see a wild kangaroo. I did get some strange looks from park goers who may not understand just how cool kangaroos really are to me. Plus I have renewed appreciation for the laughing kookaburras now that they aren’t waking me up at 4:30 in the morning.



Daisy Hill Forest also has a koala sanctuary- and as a girl who came to Australia dying to hold the fuzzy little guys I will take any chance I can get to see them. I keep asking Alex to petition to make them household pets even though he constantly reminds me how vicious they can be, but I just can’t get on board with that. I think it was a childhood dream of mine to own one, which was spurred on by a documentary my mother could probably quote verbatim,  I watched it so many times. In the doco I remember them rescuing joey’s that had been abandoned or their mother had been killed by a car. They would keep them in socks and feed them with the tiniest bottles and I just wanted that to be my life. Maybe one day I will look into working at a sanctuary, as long at they give me socks filled with koalas.

DSC_0458 DSC_0483


2 thoughts on “Sunday Strolls

  1. HI Abby, Just want you to know how much I enjoy your mail to me, Keep it up, it makes me feel closer to you both. I had expected to see your Mom this past sat but she had some unexpected company, never mind, my time will come.

    Curt and family Re visiting now, good to spend time with them. Little Lizzie is a cutie,and very affectionate, I like that. We all like loving…is,nt that so?

    I have been going to the exercise room each morning, riding the bike, I enjoy and it is good for me. Other than that, no news…all is well. Love you much,stake care. Gigi

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