Change Keeps Us Moving

Well obviously when I was in my last year of University/College I never really imagined that I would be married and living in Australia instead of being in a Masters Program for Occupational Therapy. Life is beautiful that way because we make plans but we end up being where we are supposed to be not necessarily where we thought we would be.

In the last year I have had some major life changes, between getting engaged and married to making my life in Australia more permanent. Then, it was the inevitable job search-it was not the most fun getting lots of rejections from jobs I was overqualified for.

It was a hard pill to swallow putting a pause on my career path as an Occupational Therapist, but I am learning to use my skills to do different things.

Now I look at my life and feel the most JOY I have ever felt, not just because I am so blissfully married, but I see all the new experiences the decision to come to Australia has brought to me. I have seen and tasted so much more of life than I had expected to by the age of 25.

I finally got a job offer from Flight Centre and I can honestly say that I am really excited to start this new career path. It gives me the opportunity to help people to see this amazing world we live in. Travel opened the door to some of the greatest things in my life. When I traveled with my grandparents it opened my eyes to poverty in a tangible way, it also showed me the lengths that people will go through to know more about God. Travel also lead me right into the arms of the love of my life and my most favorite person. Travel can not only take you to a different place on this planet but also different places in your heart and soul.

Is there a change you need in your life? What keeps you moving?

Change is always imminent, so embrace the change and make the most of what life brings you.

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