Byron Bay and Being 25

For my 25th birthday my incredible husband spoiled me rotten. He does this on a regular basis but really stepped it up for my quarter century birthday.

We travelled to Byron Bay for a few days and I felt like I had been transported through time in the best way possible. Between the free spirited backpackers wandering through this funky town, to the locals who were seemingly carefree and very content. I was immediately in love with this hippie paradise.


Alex taking in the nature outside our Bungalow!

It is one of those towns that has two main streets packed with store fronts and restaurants. For me a good birthday is filled with people you love and good food and wine! I had that in spades this birthday weekend. I had a gorgeous husband to take in the sights, while we ate out at a different restaurant for every meal. See, IDEAL birthday conditions!

On our drive down to Byron I got to open my gift from Alex, a BRAND NEW CAMERA LENS! 18mm-270mm Tamron, it is AMAZING. This was just the addition to the camera he gave me for Christmas that I was hoping for. Photography is something I dabble in just for fun but I do love capturing moments from the adventures in my life and this gift will really help make those moments “picture perfect.”


 We stayed in this tiny two story bungalow that was perfect for just us two. This cute little spot was only 7 minutes from the town center but was really peaceful. The traffic line up to get into the town center seemed to crawl, which just cemented in my mind what a hotspot this is for anyone wanting to be by the beach and surround themselves with amazing food. I can’t wait to get back down there and do some scuba-diving at Julian Rocks after I get certified in the next few weeks.

Plus just check out these amazing pictures:


Kind of looks like Australia!



Tea Tree runoff into the ocean!

We took a drive to the lighthouse- a spot where we could really take in this amazing town that is Byron Bay and I’m sure glad we did because it was gorgeous. Plus I really got to test out the zoom on my new camera lens, I have to say it passed with flying colors. I seriously look forward to going back.

5 MUST do’s in Byron Bay:

1. Italian on the Pacific– great food and tucked away off the main road by the beach. Romantic and delicious what more do you want?

2. Miss Margarita – two words…MANGO MARGARITA! Plus some yummy Mexican eats.

3. Cape Bryon Lighthouse – venture down a walk on one of the tracks and take in the beautiful nature.

4. Beaches- pick one there were plenty and lay out a grab a tan.

5. Byron Bay Festivals and Events– Byron Bay always has lots going on so check out their calendar and see if something catches your eye.


On the first Sunday of each month there are the Bryon Bay Markets- we were lucky enough to catch them and saw vendors after vendor selling tons of food and lots of nifty trinkets. LOVE!DSC_0356

Wander down to the Bryon Beach Hotel and grab a beer sit back and take in the sights and sounds of this one of a kind beach town you won’t regret it!

Be Free in Bryon!


4 thoughts on “Byron Bay and Being 25

  1. Wow Abby! This place looks lovely!! And awesome photography skills by the way!! We love seeing you and Alex’s adventures across the world! Have a great weekend! Happy belated birthday and congrats on the new job!

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