So my first valentines day married and to be honest it really doesn’t make me feel any differently that any other valentines day I have ever had. I have no strong feelings one way or the other about this holiday of hearts and chocolate, because as cliche as it sounds to say “love should be celebrated everyday”  just writing it makes me want to barf a little. It is true though, I SHOULD be able to show those around me love everyday but I definitely don’t live up to that. I have days I feel grumpy and mad and just don’t feel like showing love.


Its so easy to love you!

I have a special man in my life that has been there long before I ever knew my husband, my dad. He has been there for all 25 valentines days in my life. I don’t really remember the younger years valentines other than picking out a cool pack of cards to pass out at school and put into peoples decorated shoe boxes, but as I got older I remember them better. Dad always got my mom and me flowers. No matter what! Never had I had a valentines in my grown up years without flowers. Some years I have been single and some I have had a boyfriend but every year I have had flowers.


Big Love exemplified.

My dad loves big! He has always found a way to get flowers to me no matter where I have been at the time. So Birmingham, Alabama has seen dad flowers, so has Tallahassee, Florida and Sydney Australia so has Miami, Florida and finally this year dad flowers have made it to Brisbane, Australia. I don’t think I will ever be able to love as big as my dad because love pours out of him and sometimes I find it hard to love that way. My dad developed my grandpa’s kind of love for others, and how lucky I have been to be at the receiving end of that love time and time again. I will always strive to love BIG because God sure does. He loves us no matter how unloved we may feel on this earth God will always be there loving you. What a great gift to remember this valentines day and any other day in the history of forever.

So why not have a day to celebrate love and make someone feel special?

Today I get the honor of showing love to my amazing husband, I will cook him dinner and make a special dessert. No matter what day it is though, I will always feel like the luckiest woman on earth for having forever with the love of my life, and so I’ll celebrate that too!


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