When we landed in Tahiti we spent a few hours at the really humid airport and then it was off on a plane a little too small to make me feel comfortable for the hour trip to Bora Bora. We stepped off the plane and walked through the tiny outdoor airport I got my first real look at this magical island and my jaw hit the floor.

Instantly I was captivated.


Once we got in the boat to head to our little island I could not stop saying “WOW!!!!” every way I turned my head I saw something breathtaking and would say “WOW!!!!” all over again!


We were welcomed with a shell horn and fresh coconut milk straight out of the actual coconut and promptly escorted to our cute little bungalow! I started my “WOWING” all over again. We took a dip into the bluest water I have ever seen and then got ready for a romantic dinner right on the beach.


Bungalow’s on the Sofitel Private Island


Our Hut #125



Our Romantic Date Night

We got to see our very first Bora Bora sunset and it was more spectacular than I could have ever imagined in my own head. It was beautiful, breathtaking and being there on my honeymoon with my new husband made it even more spectacular. I couldn’t watch that sunset with anyone else because I could never feel that way again with anyone but Alex, my forever love, my forever best friend, and my forever husband. Bora Bora may have captivated me for 10 days but my Alex will captivate me for a lifetime.

Our honeymoon video!

Check it out its a little long but has our highlights from the 10 days!


Bora Bora Sunsets are just AMAZING!

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