New Year New Blog

So I have just spent some time revamping my blog, I hope the changes are helpful not only to see what I am up to but make it easier to find what you may be looking for.

At the beginning of this blog adventure I thought it would last for a year and keep the people back home involved and up to date with my Australian exploration, well it has ended up far different than that and I couldn’t be happier. I have also been humbled to see that people I don’t know have taken interest in what I have to say which is pretty darn cool! So with that in mind I plan to do A LOT more with this blog in 2015 and onward.

I am excited to extend my reach beyond just travel into everyday life of an Expat living abroad and also about being a new wife. That being said I will need some help, help from you guys out there to direct the path of this blog. I will be asking more questions and hoping that I hear back from you guys out there so I can better learn where this blog will take me.

I am soooooo pumped about this and excited to not only be blogging more but to learn more about blogging in general. I am a year and a half into it but there is still so much I don’t know and I can’t wait to learn!


Comment Below!

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