After 5 weeks away from Australia we find ourselves changed. We are a couple shades darker, officially married, richer in our knowledge of this amazing world we live in and a lot more in love then when we left.


It’s hard to believe the things that can happen in just a little over a month. By the time we touch down in Australia we will have been married for three weeks. Kind of weird that when I left for Australia in 2013 I came with no other motivation than to have a year of adventure and travel now starting 2015 I not only accomplished that goal but have been blessed to add a new husband and family to my long list of Australian treasures.


Traveling alone has its merits but there is truly something to be said about seeing the world holding the hand of your beloved. The joy I have been filled with these last 5 weeks is overflowing and I can’t wait to share some truly special moments from them.


I can now add tropical Bora Bora to the list of places my feet have tread. I have swam in the most amazing blue water I have ever seen and played with amazing animals. Travel makes you so rich in experience and it is worth every penny spent. So go and see this world with eyes wide open. I can already feel the thirst for new places to drink in.


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