Sometimes in life we really need to search for the beauty around us, sometimes it’s not so easy to see.

Right now beauty is hitting me like a ton of bricks, every direction I looks I see it so clearly. I have that honeymoon glow, the blissful happiness I feel when I look at my brand new husband is unreal. He is truly the man of my dreams in every way. He is the calm I so desperately needed. Alex both keeps my wandering feet grounded and encourages me to take the next step into the unknown. I didn’t even know that was possible before I met him. He like me feels the wanderlust. We want to see the world and also want to plant ourselves deeply somewhere and watch our lives flourish.


My life has always been like that, my heart pulling me towards steadiness but my feet pleading to know new places. So it only made sense that I would fall in love and marry a foreigner who has a passion for travel but has also made Australia feel like home.


We are currently soaking up the sun in Bora Bora, French Polynesia enjoying every moment of our honeymoon after wrapping up a whirlwind America trip that was focused on our wedding. In one weeks time we will be heading back to Australia to turn the page on a new book to start our marriage in a house in Brisbane to fill with laughter and joyful memories. But for today we will look out our bungalow into the aqua water and feel more in love than yesterday. I can’t wait to blog about this trip of a lifetime, pictures do not even do this magical island justice.

Beauty today is seeing my Alex, my gorgeous loving husband. Watching his olive skin turn an unreal golden brown with flecks of salt in his hair and wondering how on earth I married such a man. Bora Bora is true beauty but it will never compare to this man.


3 thoughts on “Beauty

  1. In everything give thanks….it fills me with joy to see you so happy. How the Lord has blessed you two! Enjoy all you have been given! I love you.

  2. Oh Abby! It looks so stunning, wow. What a beautiful place to bask in your blissful newlywed eas. Now please get back here and tell me all about it already!

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