Got Me a Mr. ||The Ceremony||

On December 28, 2014 at about 3pm in a magical venue in Miami I walked toward my forever.

It was only nine months ago that he was on his knee asking me to be his wife and this past Sunday we finally made it a reality. I got married to the absolute love of my life, my closest companion, and the man I will spend my days learning to love in new ways.

Kallima Photography

The nerves you feel as a bride are so hard to explain, your emotions are all over the place because I have never felt that much anticipation and happiness in my life so far. I woke up and headed with my Maid of Honor, Rebekah Thompson to get our hair and makeup done. A few quiet hours before the day would unwind before me without stopping. I am so thankful for this cousin/bestie I have because all day she was the calm in the middle of the storm I needed.


I got back home and had a few manic minutes getting everything ready before slipping into my wedding dress and showing my girls for the first time!



All us girls in our pretty dresses piled into the cars and headed off to the venue at The Cooper Estate, this amazing old estate house that had “Abby written all over it”.
My heart was still pounding as I took pictures with my favorite women and got to soak in the last hours before I went from Miss to Mrs. I have some insanely gorgeous and amazing friends if I do say so myself.



After an hour it was time to see my almost husband for the very first time. Talk about a moment that takes your breath away completely. I started walking toward him, his back was turned, and with each step I felt more like a bride, more like his wife. What a tender and special moment that was. We exchanged gifts and got to just be still with each other before it was time to walk down the aisle and start our new lives together.


Kallima Photography

This was a day filled with tears of overflowing happiness and the person who let the most flow was my precious dad, who hugged me tighter than I’ve ever felt.

Kallima Photography

Composing myself after that wasn’t easy but I couldn’t wait for the clock to turn to 3 so I could finally marry my beloved surrounded by the people I love the most. My Uncle Dan performed the ceremony, which was so special because he also walked is through our pre-marriage counseling. I had always imagined my Grandpa Les would be the one to marry me one day but I think Uncle Dan was able to fill those special shoes.


Erica Diaz Designed this Amazing Chalkboard


I started feeling those overflowing emotions again when I was repeating my vows, really thinking hard about what I was promising to Alex. Placing the ring on his finger will be a memory I will replay over again in my mind for the rest of my days.
And now you may kiss your bride.



I now present to you (the blog world) for the very first time:
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Boukogiannis!!!!!!!!!!




Kallima Photography

Newly Wed-
Abby Boukogiannis

One thought on “Got Me a Mr. ||The Ceremony||

  1. This is amazing. Your story, your relationship, your spirit!! I love it all and you guys!! So glad we were able to spend this special day with you and even more thankful for getting to fly to your piece of land and bond before the big day. I will forever cherish that! Congrats to you both!

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