Here Comes the Bride…all the way from Australia!

It is officially wedding month! How does time go by insanely quickly and also feel like it is just creeping by? I have been waiting for this amazing month since Alex got down on one knee and asked for forever.

The first leg of the journey is just 3 days away, we will start by flying to New Zealand and have a small layover before flying to Los Angeles. We will be staying with some old family friends and both enjoy our first time in LA. Then FINALLY it is off to Miami where my heart may just explode from happiness.


I haven’t been to Miami, my home, in nearly 16 months. Let me tell you that some of the past 16 months have been really tough, I have had moments when I feel very homesick and wish my family was closer but I have had Alex and his family to help me through those tough times. I am so anxious to start my brand new family of two with Alex.

I will be a wife in 3 weeks, I will be Abigail Elizabeth Boukogiannis and that is pretty darn cool. The more I think about it the bigger my smile gets.

“I have found the one whom my soul loves”

-Song of Solomon 3:4


The absolute JOY I feel is hard to describe and God has answered the prayers of a little girl when he brought me to Alex. Countdown to wedding 21 days!




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