From Melbourne to 5,000 Ft

In total Abby fashion its been about a month since my last blog, I try to be pretty good about sharing whats been going on in my life but the last month has been a doozy. Lots has happened and I think the high speed will continue for a few more months, although I sure am hoping it slows down considerably once I am honeymooning in Bora Bora.

Here is whats been going on in the life of Abby Thompson for the last month.

I went down to Melbourne for a weekend to spend some time with Alex’s greek side of the family. We had such a nice time down there and I loved getting to know this side of his family better. While Alex worked I walked around the city which is busy with fashionista and baristas alike. I love the coffee culture they have down in Melbourne because that is something Brisbane definitely lacks. I got to experience the multiple season changes this city has to offer each day, the mornings would be cool then sweltering hot in the afternoon and frigid in the evening. I got to have the blessings for my upcoming marriage from Yiayia and eat some of her delicious pita. I will cherish the times I get to spend with this amazing greek family who has welcomed me with open arms even though some of them speak no english.


We have been working on the house we will move into after we are married but that I will save for a different post. Then it was off to Alex’s 10 year high school reunion. It was held at a really lovely night club and I got to see how much Alex has grown since his days a skinny cricketer. As I have said before “he has aged like fine wine”IMG_1977

Then it was off to the races in Noosa where Con (my soon to be father-in-law) and Alex were participating in the Noosa Triathalon. I had watched Alex train for this event for the last few months and was looking forward to seeing him show off his running talents. If it wasn’t for some leg cramps on the biking leg I am sure they were contenders for the $500 team prize. I love Noosa and it was fun to get to see a little more of the beachy town on the Sunshine Coast.



The weekend after that we were off to the other coast The Gold Coast to be exact. It was a nice family get away as my brother-in-law to be has now officially left for Canada for the next 6 months to work at a ski resort outside of Vancouver.We had a great time enjoying some amazing beach weather and lazing around the pool to cool off from the sun and of course eating some delicious food. Little did Alex know that I would be taking him for a surprise early birthday present adventure. We both got to tick off a bucket list item by going on a hot air balloon ride. As someone who is not a fan of heights I had the best day next to my fella soaring to 5000 feet above the ground in a basket tied to a HUGE balloon. Oh and I found out my Fiance really has a thing for buffalo hot wings.

Watch the Video of the day here: Hot Air Balloon Diary







This past weekend I got to celebrate my second birthday celebration with Alex who turned 27 on the 16th of November and I am very lucky to get to celebrate all his future birthdays with him. We had dinner with the family on Saturday at a really yummy Greek restaurant. I love watching him interact with his younger brothers because it reminds me so much of my brother and how we all pester each other out of love. Alex even “Out Joeled Joel” by pulling off a classic Joel face. His actual birthday was a relaxing day with over 100 degrees F weather  that ended down the coast again at an Italian restaurant ignoring our wedding diet for the day. The next morning Bryce was off on his adventure.





And with that we are up to speed. I am anxiously awaiting December 12 so that our American Adventure can begin and I can officially call Alex my husband December 28. The whirlwind end of the year swiftly approaching.



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