What I’ve Been Missing

When you move away it is inevitable that you will miss things. When I moved away to college for the first time at 18 it really didn’t phase me too much, I knew I would miss my parents and brothers and my dog. I knew I would miss friends that were staying in Miami and ones that were going away to other states just like me to start the next chapter of life. I figured if I needed to be somewhere I had a car or I could get on a plane easy enough. 18 year old Abby didn’t feel like she was missing too much, I was too busy making new friends and having a new life in Birmingham, Alabama.


I moved again after my second year of college, down to Tallahassee, Florida. This move hit me a little harder, I had made really strong bonds with friends in Birmingham I fell in love with the city but I knew I needed to make a change for my education.  Moving in with three close friends eased the transition and I quickly began making a new life in this college town.


Birmingham was only a 5 hour drive from my new home in Tallahassee and I went back at least twice a semester, but every time I went back it felt a little different, like the city and my friends had moved on without me. It wasn’t like we were no longer friends or the city had changed dramatically it was just that I was missing things, they didn’t seem big when I wasn’t there but every time I was back they felt HUGE. My heart ached to get the moments I missed back but I knew that wasn’t possible, my life was moving too and time doesn’t stand still no matter how much you wish it did sometimes. After college graduation it was time to move again back home to figure out my next move. Always moving.


When I made the decision to move to Australia for a year I knew I would miss out on even more things. Being that I am nearly 25 more and more of my friends are getting married and I have now missed 5 weddings! I am also missing out on really helping with my own that is coming up in just over two months. The guilt sometimes hits me hard because I so badly want to be there but I am here so far away. I wouldn’t change a lot though (besides making the airfare from Australia to the US much more affordable) because I have gained so much being where I am. I am continuing to become better at enjoying whats in front of me instead of wishing to be somewhere else. I know I will continue to miss out on things as the years go by but I have been blessed to have my heart in so many cities and with so many people. Each person I have met along the way has helped to shape the person I am now so I will always be grateful.


On days I feel like I am missing family or friends I like to go walk into Alex’s home office and give him a big old kiss because I know that because I moved here I don’t have to miss out on that.



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