Un”cork”ing My Artistic Talents

I am always looking for fun date night activities for me and my guy. Don’t get me wrong I’m a big fan of the dinner and a movie classic but sometimes you just need to shake things up. So I was determined to find something fun, new and different for date night last week.

Back when I was living in Birmingham there was a spot called Sips and Strokes that had to concept of drinking wine and painting a canvas. Unfortunately I never got to check it out because I moved to Tallahassee before I turned 21. So with that spot in mind I did a little research which lead me to Cork and Chroma


We decided to make it a couples night and invited some if Alex’s friends with their respective fiancé and wife. I had no idea what to expect from this night out because I am the first to admit I have no artistic capabilities. Art was never my spot to shine and I am always envious of girls who have a knack for crafting and artistic things.



Alex and I brought a bottle of red wine from Napa valley, which sigh he was mildly disappointed in. I have turned a guy who never really drank wine into a wine monster who apparently has very refined taste these days. Alex was also surprised at how packed the room was with people waiting to try their hand at painting. Once his friends arrived it was time to get started. Our artist was going to walk us through painting the Story Bridge which is a famous one here in Brisbane. She was American so I felt some nostalgia. Once I painted my background I thought maybe I should just stop there…but I had to press on because I was determined to paint a more impressive bridge than Alex. Competitive drive gets me every time.



Once we started getting into the detail my weaknesses began to show. I was not as refined in my brush strokes as I wish I was but I learned some valuable lessons for the next time I attempt. Even though I was not 100% happy with my finished product that was not what the night was about. I had so much fun painting and sipping on wine and getting to know some new friends. I would definitely go back again and hopefully paint something with more confidence.










Okay Alex I just kicked up date night to the next level…your turn now. ;)



2 thoughts on “Un”cork”ing My Artistic Talents

  1. Hi Abby, Just want you to know how much I enjoy your E Mails, many thanks, keep them coming. Someway the make me think I am getting to Alex a bit. Take care looking foward to meeting him in person. Love ya Abby..Gigi

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  2. What fun reading these! I started with the wonderful wedding blog and gorgeous pictures and kept reading. I have missed them all for some reason. Love your art and talent. A lot has happened since your art date! Have a great new year, Mrs. Boukogiannis.

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