The Trip

It was back in April that I got to FaceTime my mom with tears in my eyes and tell her that I was engaged. I never imagined a scenario in which she wouldn’t be there to hug me and cry with me on that special day but life has so many little surprises in store for each of us. Well after the initial engagement haze lifted it was time for me to think about all that wedding planning stuff. One of those wedding planning things was finding a wedding dress.

Now I understood that mom couldn’t be there to wrap her arms around me the day I got engaged but there was zero chance in my mind of her missing me trying on those beautiful white dresses. So with that thought in my mind it was time to make plans for her to make her second trip to Australia. I have told my mom this but warrants re-mentioning there is no one that will ever be able to fill her shoes in my life, there is no person in this world that I want to be more like than my mom.


Anyway we decided on a date for when she should head down to Australia and she told me it was going to be a girls trip as she invited my Grammy. They had always planned on having a mother daughter trip and this seemed like the perfect time. I couldn’t wait! When the day in July finally rolled around I was so anxious to get to the airport and give hugs to two of my favorite ladies! After a very long wait because of some baggage issues there they were ready for an Abby hug.

This was a trip for more than just finding a wedding dress, it was a chance for part of my family to know my future family. We had the best time.

Firs thing we did was spend some time in Brisbane. Went to a French exhibition in the city which was the perfect way to start our time together. Here are some pictures from that gorgeous day.



After a really nice BBQ on Sunday with the family my mom, Grammy and me were off to Noosa in the Sunshine Coast. Of course the only bad weather we had the entire time they were here was when were we in the Sunshine Coast, how ironic is that? On the drive up we were total tourists, so we stopped at the Glass House Mountains, the ginger factory and ending up in our little hotel in Noosa. We had some really nice girl time which was far overdue, eating yummy food, shopping, beachy moments, and lots of time to talk which are some of my very favorite things to do with my mom and having my Grammy there too was extra special. Mom even tried her first crumpet!


We also got to see lots of native Australian wildlife which is always fun and since it is nearly spring it was time for lots of babies in pouches.


As much fun as all of these things where and they were so much fun the trip my mom came for was specific and we needed to start the wedding dress hunt! I had made some appointments in the weeks leading up to the trip so it was time to start knocking off  said appointments. I had the best team of helpers or I never would have made it through the day (thanks mom, Grammy and mum aka Carolyn)!  I made 4 appointments in the Gold Coast and the first one was at a wedding dress shop I had been anticipating going to since the moment Alex and I began to talk about getting married. I tried on about 25+ dresses this first day (at least that’s what it felt like getting in and out of so many white dresses). I had a dress in mind all day long and even when we started our second day of dress shopping I knew it would be hard to beat it. Off we went on wedding dress shopping day two, and it happened! I FOUND MY DRESS by designer Rachel Gilbert! It was every single thing I dreamed of and I cannot wait to wear it in December, I even have a picture in a special spot that I seriously look at everyday in anticipation.


From a little boutique called The Brides Market I found my perfect dress and veil! It was such an amazing shop and even though its only been open for 6 months I can tell its going to be a MUST go to for wedding dresses, decor, and wedding accessories!

After we accomplished our goal of finding me a wedding dress it was onto other activities like visiting a winery and eating a delicious lunch then we spend one of their last days on a day trip to Mount Tamborine! OH and mom learned how to play backyard Cricket!




The trip was a serious success, I got to spend some time with my mama and Grammy, they got to know my future family, got to know Alex better and see more of this gorgeous country that I have fallen madly in love with.


I miss my mama very much but I cherish every moment we spend together more now than I ever did before! Common December get here quicker already.


– Abby



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