So Long Syndey

Sydney Australia will forever have a special place in my heart. This city gave me so many things, new friends, life lessons, new experiences and memories, but most importantly it brought me to Alex.

Last year April I made the big decision to move to Australia and become a nanny for a year. I knew that I was going to have a life changing experience and as that day in September when I got on the plane came closer the nerves got to me. What in the world was I thinking to move to Australia for a year in with a family I never even met? I remember looking back at my older brother Matt as I stepped through the security line in San Francisco, tears in my eyes, thinking I am so scared. Fast forward a year later and I have a man down on one knee asking me to spend the rest of my life with him. To be honest I am still scared sometimes, but Alex is always there to make me feel brave again. ( I love you Alex)

Sydney helped me grow up and I even got to experience watching two kids grow up at the same time as I did. It wasn’t always easy for me because my main support system was thousands of miles away and on a completely different time as I was, but I found new support in the McGowan family and in my friends. I wanted to take the time to write a post to these amazing people who helped make Sydney so special to me.

The McGowan family has become part of my every expanding extended “family”. Carlee was always there with advice and understanding. Marnie became one of my very best friends. Carl was who I asked about anything to do with traveling and restaurant choices. Sasha, Cooper, and Hawk became my little brothers and sister. I owe this family so much for taking a chance on their first American nanny.


Sarah and Karlisle. My two besties in Australia. All three of us had come from North America to be nannies. These two got me through some really rough times when I struggled with missing home. They are seriously two girls that I will be lifelong friends with because we bonded over our shared experience and I love them each so much. The weekend before it was time to move out of Sydney they threw me a Hens night (aka bachelorette party) and it was the best send off I could have gotten. It has been so fun to share not only in our nanny experience but also in our love lives as all of us found amazing Aussie men and fell in love. Each of us is going through the process of working out our visas to stay in this amazing country. I cannot thank these two girls enough for everything they have done for me and continue to do in my life.





The last Saturday we were in Sydney Alex set up a goodbye dinner with all of his friends. These amazing people also became my friends during my time in Sydney. As I got to know Alex I also had the absolute pleasure of meeting his friends and seeing what they meant to Alex and what he meant to them. It was so special. It was neat to see them take in this American girl and get to know me because of how much they cared for Alex, and I loved having their support when we got engaged. Being with them made me feel like I was home even though I was so far away. I am so grateful to each one of them for their support and friendships to foremost Alex but also to me. Special shout out to Heather, Aki, Cathy, Toby, Ursh, Matt, Tim and Jase, who I got to know best while I lived in Sydney you each mean a lot to me!









Our final stop before making Brisbane our new home city was to visit Kelbe and James in New Castle. These two are amazing and I am so glad that I have gotten to know them so well since I started dating Alex. They have been married for a while now and I love knowing that I can go to Kelbe for advice and Alex has James. Plus we all have a love for wine which is especially fun to share with them when we visit. I am truly blessed beyond measure to have these two in my life.


So after 10 months in Sydney it was time to move on. Brisbane is the next chapter and I am so excited for what this new city has in store!

God has truly blessed me!


One thought on “So Long Syndey

  1. God has blessed you beyond measure in all the new adventures He has taken you on this year. He does go before us and plans our steps. Continued prayers in your next chapter. Love and prayers, Janet Bigelow

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