My Blogging Hiatus

Well since my last post it has been more than a couple weeks. I now understand the meaning to writers block. I haven’t written in a while not because I have nothing to write about but because I just couldn’t seem to find the words I wanted to say.

Writing has never been something I take very seriously (as seen with my writing style as well as many grammatical and spelling errors) but it has always been something I enjoy. I have kept diaries since I was really young and have been brought to serious laughing spells when re-reading them. To me that is what this blog as always been to me, a way to remember and share my thoughts with those who want to read them.

Lately though the words just haven’t come easy. I have about 5 saved drafts on this site as of now that I have tried to write over and over. Maybe I felt less inspired after writing the blog about my engagement, nothing else seemed as interesting to me. So I blame the engagement fog for a little bit of why its been so long since I wrote.

That all being said my words are once again flowing and my little fingers typing away because SO MUCH has happened since my last post and I cannot wait to share whats been going on in my life with everyone who reads my blog. Sorry for the delay and get ready for blog overload during the next week or so!

I’m back <3


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