Alex and I took a day trip to Wollongong before it was time to say goodbye to the city we fell in love in. It’s about an hour and a half south of Sydney. There is the scenic route you can take and drive down the Grand Pacific highway and it was absolutely gorgeous. At one point it juts out right over the water.



When we got to Wollongong we went to see the Nan Tien Temple and it was absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous. I had never been to a Buddhist Temple before and every structure was immaculate.







Before you are allowed to go inside any of the different worship rooms you must take off your shoes. Once inside no pictures were allowed but I was pretty sneaky and got one right outside the door. We walked to the top of the hill where the bell was and you could ring it for luck or something along those lines, I can’t quite remember what ringing it was supposed to do. Anyway the view was beautiful.




After walking down the hill in a little bit of rain I tried my hand at calligraphy. Not an easy way to write when you do it properly, it took me back to when I was in 6th and 7th grade taking Japanese class. We even got to see newly shaven monks.


During our trip we also visited an old estate and had lunch and did some wine tasting. I didn’t end up taking too many pictures here though. Overall my view of this town was that its a laid back place thats kind of has that beachy vibe to it. It would be a gorgeous place to see during the summer thats for sure and taking a dip into one of the gorgeous beach waters we passed on our drive.



One thought on “GONG

  1. Hey, that monastery looked interesting…and quiet. Were there signs there that said, “Inquire within?” May your wonderful and amazing adventure continue…forever! I love you, Abby.

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