Go Tell it on the Mountain

So I finally made it to the Blue Mountains!

I was only slightly disappointed when Alex and I arrived in Katoomba and I saw the mountains were not actually the color blue they were green. As I got over the initial sadness that Australia didn’t have blue trees I got to take in the breathtaking view.


Alex and I went up on the most gorgeous day. It was a perfect temperature to do a few bush walks. First one we did was to tackle the Great Staircase. And great it was.


I am not very good with heights so I had the vise grip of death on the railing and my legs were jello. The first thing to see on this particular bush walk is the three sisters.


The walk down the stairs wasn’t too serious besides the fact that I kept seeing myself trip and fall down all 300+ steps. When we got to the bottom we talked to one of the rangers about where to go to get back up to the top. Two choices…take a 2 hour walk to a train the left us nowhere near the car, or back the way we came. Dang.





After the brutal climb back up the stairs we decided to go see some of the Blue Mountain waterfalls. A short drive later we arrived at the Leura Cascades. This bush walk was not nearly as tough as the first. It was so nice to just be outside and see the beauty that our God has created all around us.









I fell in love with the amazing part of Australia and I can't wait to go back again and see more!



3 thoughts on “Go Tell it on the Mountain

  1. Wow Abby, that looks so cool. And way to go keeping pace with that Aussie of yours. Seems your life has become quite a grand adventure. God is good! I love you so, so much!

  2. Hi Abby Manny. Thanks for the last mail, I really enjoy hearing from you..love the pictures too. So happy that all is going so well. I had Heather here for a few days, that was special. Believe Chip and Sandy are coming next week. Very quiet here these days, most have gone north.

    This is hurricane weather so I am hopping we will be skipped this year. Take care, write whenever you find time, love you….Gram

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