Write it Down

If there is anything I have learned from my past 8 months in Australia it’s that writing things down is key. With so much that goes on in our lives day to day it’s easy to overlook small things.

Thankfully before I headed off on this adventure two women I love dearly gave me some great advice that I want to pass on. Write it down!

First person to give me this advice was Andrea. She spent time in Italy as an au pair so she knew that giving me this advice would help me greatly to remember everything I have experienced on this adventure. For my goodbye gift she gave me a journal to fill the pages with moments from my year in Australia. On the inside cover she wrote “Abby go find your adventure”. Best advice ever.

Laura my sister also give me this advice, to write down my thoughts and prayers in a journal she gave me.

Those are two very smart ladies. I have loved writing this blog because it helps me to articulate the things I’ve been experiencing. At the beginning I thought it would be more about travel and eating yummy food and seeing new places, and a lot of my time here has been that. However something bigger happened. Something way way bigger. Alex.

I have always kept little journals growing up but nothing too serious. I still love looking back at the silly things that bothered me when I was young. I have even kept all the old notes from friends and boyfriends. It’s fun to see how far I have come. This time I got a lot more serious about my journaling. My spelling is still atrocious but I think my writing has improved since I was 12…maybe not a whole lot.

When Alex and I first started dating I knew deep down it was different. I felt different, I acted different, I was different. So I knew right away that I needed to heed Laura and Andrea’s advice and write it down. All of it.

So I started a journal to who is now my future husband. I wrote to him after every date. I wrote to him about moments we had and things I felt. No pictures no filters just pouring my heart out to the man I love. That journal has been so fun to write I told Alex that I’m going to continue to do it throughout our marriage as long as my fingers will let me. It only takes a 10 minutes out of my day to do something special for him and that I can do. I can’t wait to go back and read about our lives 5 years from now and remember how we fell in love and all the adventures we have had together.

So my advice to you is…write it all down. You won’t regret it.



One thought on “Write it Down

  1. Hi Abby, Really good to hear from you and to know how very happy you are. I am very happy for you and very anxious to meet this very special man. Well, it will not be many more moons until I do. love you Abby, take care..Gigi

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