The Closest I’ve Come to Greece

Ask my mother, if there is one place I have been absolutely dying to visit, it would be Greece. I asked her nearly every year to take me to Greece for my high school graduation. So I guess God always intended for me to fall in love with a Greek man.

I have been down in Melbourne for the last 8 days for work and Alex and his parents flew down for the weekend so I could meet the family…here is how it went. :)

I had the pleasure of meeting Alex’s moms side of the family when I was up in Brisbane over Christmas, which like my moms can be done in one sitting, and they were so lovely. This is NOT the case with his dad’s side of the family.

A lot of people have seen the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and I am one of those people. I always thought it was an over-exaggeration of what Greek families are really like…well I can no tell you first hand it is not overly exaggerated.

This past weekend I got to meet Alex’s Greek family. It was in one word PERFECT! And also exhausting! It started on Friday night meeting his Uncle Tom and his family. We ate at the family owned space and got a tasting menu from the chef. The conversation flowed easily and I loved hearing all the stories about their childhood in Greece. Sunday we had breakfast with my host family so they got to meet my little nuggets then it was off to have a Greek BBQ at Yiayia’s house.

The family flooded in all afternoon. I would say about half spoke very little to no English and most lived on the same street. How fun is that? I got lots of kisses on the forehead and rubs on the face and even an arm grip to keep me from leaving. I couldn’t have asked for a better day. And the food. Wow! Lamb, sausage, chicken, salad, home picked vegetables, and the best part PITA the real stuff. Even though I had no idea what people were saying half of the time I had a blast.

Sunday we had brunch with Cons (Alex’s dad) cousin and his family. The rivalry between these two was classic and I could tell Uncle Tommy (yes another tom) is exactly the kind of dad mine is. Always the life of the party and center of attention and always making everyone laugh. I can honestly say I felt so at ease with everyone over the weekend. I was welcomed with open arms and big wet kisses. Even still as I write this to recount the weekend my smile is from ear to ear.

Meeting your boyfriends family is always nerve wracking. You worry if they will like you, if they will think you’re good enough for a person they love dearly. It’s a lot to think about. I know Alex will go through the same thing if not worse when he meets my crazy family. We all love each other so much and aren’t the easiest to please when it comes to significant others. But that’s family.

As I learn more about Alex every day and meet more people in his life I love him more. God surely had a much bigger plan when I moved to Australia than I could have ever imagined. This past weekend meant the world to me. I got to spend more time with Alex’s parents Carolyn and Con and got to know the people he grew up with. I loved everyone instantly. I can only hope they felt the same meeting me.





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