23 to 24

What can I say about my year as a 23 year old….

I began the year surrounded by my very best girlfriends as we dressed up like high school cliches. Then I headed off to California to see my brother and sister-in-law and got to experience the west coast lifestyle of gorgeous beaches yummy food and wine tasting. Not a bad way to start the 23rd year of my life. I got to go to Boston for the first time and watch my little brother play an entire season of baseball cheering him on from the stands. I went to Mexico with my grandma, aunt, cousin, and mom for a special girls trip. I was a substitute teacher, an Occupational Therapy intern/observer, a cabin leader at Warrior week, I was able to help take care of my great grandmother in West Palm Beach, I watched one of my best friends get married, went to my 5th Thompson wedding, and I made a life changing move to Australia.

Needless to say a lot of things got done for me at the age of 23. Even though being 24 has been only a very recent experience I can already tell its ready to kick 23 year old me in the butt because its already shaping up to be a bigger year than the last.

For my birthday this year I got to spend it in one of the most gorgeous countries in the world already that made for an amazing day but I also have the most thoughtful and caring boyfriend who went above and beyond.

When rain ruined his original plan of kayaking to a private beach complete with a picnic for two and champagne he had to scramble for plan B. A man of many surprises he took me to go iceskating which I haven’t done in many many years! It was a blast!


It brought me back to middle school when you would hold your crushes hand while you skated around to a slow song while the lights are down. I upgraded a bit I think.

After that we had some down time to just chill then it was time to get ready for dinner in Darling Harbour. We got some fun pre dinner cocktails at a cool spot next to the restaurant waiting for our reservation.



Then it was time for dinner at Meat and Wine Co courtesy of Mama T. Woooooow is all I can say about this restaurant every bite was so delicious I didn’t want dinner to end, the wine was perfection too. And at 9 o’clock in Darling Harbour fireworks go off and right at the same moment the waiter brought out a dessert platter with a candle to blow out. I made a super special wish this year but shhh I can’t tell or it won’t come true!



A year older-
Abby <3

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