Here There and Everywhere

Where to begin? Well after my parents left to go back home I have indeed been very busy!

I went to Adelaide and got to go on a wine tour, see some of South Australia, and go to Kangaroo Island! It was such a fun trip. We stayed with Carls uncle in a house not far from the beach. I also got to go to my 4th zoo in
Australia and even got to hand feed the “happiest animal on the planet” quokka! On Kangaroo Island we got to see seal bay, tour a Eucalyptus farm, and eat at a fabulous restaurant with an amazing view. It was a wonderful few days in Adelaide.



After that Alex and I did the Swisse Color Run! What an awesome experience it was and if it ever come to your city it is a must do! It isn’t as much of a “run” at least not here in Sydney because it was so congested at the color stations but a really fun experience and who likes running anyway? That same day we went to our second concert at the opera house and saw Ludovico again and it was just as magical as the first time!



The weekend after was valentines day and I was very spoiled by my boyfriend for sure! We had an amazing 5 course dinner at The Star in a restaurant called Balla Balla. Delicious! Oh and Alex tried PEEPS for the first time and American delicacy.


Other than some beach days that’s bring me up to speed with my 24th birthday. Phew! It’s been a busy 2014 so far and seems to just keep getting busier! I am in love with the country and all the amazing places I have seen so far. The kids have been fun and definitely keeping me on my toes. Every day is fun and different. I have really been lucky to have found such happiness in Australia especially with Alex. I count the blessing God has given me daily! He is so GOOD!



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