Goodbyes Will Never Be Easy

After an amazing trip to Cairns it was back to Sydney on Saturday. We had some more activities planned before my parents had to make a very long journey back home to Miami. Saturday night we went to Church at Hillsong downtown. What a wonderful service that was perfect for all of us to hear, the start of a month long look into relationships. Then it was off to dinner at Darling Harbour. I loved being able to hang out with three of the most important people in my life and having my parents get to know Alex was a real treat.

The next morning wanting to get to know Alex even better dad whisked Alex off to have a coffee (that or attempt to convince Alex to move to Miami). Then we all met up for Yum Cha with my host family. This was a special treat because none of my family had been before. Basically what happens in people push around carts (trolley) and offer you different foods…TONS of food. I tried some very interesting things that morning. After we stuffed ourselves my parents Alex and I drove up to Clovelly.


Clovelly beach to Bronte beach is a gorgeous but also longish walk. So when we got to Bronte it was time to take a dip in the ocean. The waves were massive this day, Alex and dad were more brave than my mom and I were. The lifeguards were definitely on high alert and so was I watching people get absolutely smashed by the waves.



After another great weekend it was back to reality Monday after a long vacation. It was so fun to have my parents around with the kids and also a really big help! Monday we did the Manly ferry and wondered around. There is lots to do and see in Manly and after lunch and a ice cream we went down to the beach for a bit.






I am becoming quite the zoo expert being over here and wanted to share a little of that with my parents. So we drove over to Taronga zoo on Tuesday to have a zoo day. It ended up being a bit rainy and overcast which in my experience is nicer than being in the hot sun all day walking around. We had a great time and got to see a seal show and a bird show. The kids were fascinated! We had a picnic lunch and mom had her first PBJ after many year and seemed to me she liked it. The zoo is pretty incredible and the views are magic.



To finish off their trip we took the kids to Sydney Olympic park and it was so fun to watch my parents with two little ones I consider my little brother and sister. I seem to have picked up 5 little brothers and sisters since I started my nanny life. I have been truly blessed with the families that have adopted me when I am away from mine. Our last night together before their long trip back we went to a cricket game since down here that’s what you go do instead of baseball although I used to think baseball was boring but (Alex close your eyes) cricket is a millions times worse and way harder to understand. I think it was the perfect Aussie send off though.


Having my parents in Sydney was very bitter sweet. I loved sharing my new life with them and having them meet Alex. It reminds me of how much of home I miss being here but if there is one thing I know for certain is my mom and dad will forever be my roll models and family knows no distance. Can’t wait for them to come again…..


I absolutely love those three people heaps.

Adelaide update coming soon and sorry for the long absence lots of amazing things happening in the land down under!



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