Mum and Dad Down Under

I loved knowing that when I moved to Australia I would only have to wait four months for my first visitors. It was something I had been looking forward to since the day I got to Sydney, and after lots of anxious anticipation they were finally here! Mom and dad made it to Australia!

I got to pick up my very jet lagged mom and some man with a beard that seemed to be following her towards me at the airport…this bearded man just so happened to be my father who apparently adapted just find to Fiji time and not shaving. I was overjoyed to see these two finally come to spend time with me here in Sydney.



They arrived just in time to do a little sightseeing before it was time to ring in the new year. So the second day they were here we went into the city to see the Harbour and the Sydney Opera House and walk around.


My mom loves to sightsee and my dad loves to film it with his ever handy video camera. I am so looking forward to seeing what he puts together! It was a gorgeous day in Sydney, which is not unusual in my experience. So we decided to take the ferry into the city…but being school holidays here and Christmas vacation in various other parts of the world the ferry was completely full. Plan B was to take a train. At the nearest train station though the railway was having work done, so a quick bus ride to the next station and figuring out which line to take we were finally on our way into the city.


We were greeted in circular quay with the native aboriginal music played on the didgeridoo. My dad was quite fascinated and even became a pretty good imitator of the unique sound that comes out of this instrument. Then it was a short walk to see the opera house.




After they looked around we walked through the botanical gardens and made our way to find lunch. Of course dad just wanted to find a local pub which we did a great job of and my parents had their first Aussie meal. We took the train back home and it was time for them to enjoy their first Aussie BBQ and dun, dun , duuuuun….meet Alex. It was a full house at the McGowan’s over Christmas with Carl’s brother and new fiancée staying at the house along with my parents but it was really cozy.

The first meeting went really wonderfully and the next day Alex came with us to walk the Harbour Bridge and be a tour guide.





After our walk across the bridge we checked out Darling Harbour and yet another pub just for dad including some American sports. It was so fun for my parents to finally meet Alex and get to spend some time with me! They even got to see their first koala!



As if being in Australia with my parents wasn’t exciting enough it was New Year’s Eve and Sydney spends the most money of any city on fireworks! It was going to be by far the most exciting New Years of my life so far! We went with the McGowan’s to a vantage point that was family friendly and plenty of space for our large group. I was so proud of the kids for making it so late Sacha even saw the midnight fireworks. Here in Sydney they have a 9 o’clock and midnight show both of which were spectacular. It was so great to ring in 2014 with my parents and Alex all next to me. It will be one I never forget. By the time we got home it was nearly 2 am and we needed to leave by 5 am to catch out flight to Cairns, Queensland to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef! What a whirlwind first few days for my parents down under vacation!








It’s been a beautiful new year and I know 2014 is going to bring so many wonderful things! God is good!

Happy New Year-



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