Man-Purse Convention

So I went to my first festival. Like so many things I’m doing in Australia it was a completely new experience. Stereosonic is a two day music festival with both worldwide recognized DJs and local acts, it happens at Sydney Olympic Park and a lot of people dress in ways I never could have imagined.


As you can see not too many people were there. Day one was a 5-6 hour day of music music music! Before we took the trek to the park we had a BBQ which is pretty darn Aussie if you ask me. I made some homemade chocolate chip cookies. Then it was off with the masses to squeeze our way to the front to hear some good music.


Something I kept noticing was a lot of guys seemed to be sporting some man purses. Now there are words here that describe certain ethnicities of people one is WOG (western/ worthy oriental gentlemen)

Here is the definition I found on urban dictionary:
A term used in Australian English to describe people of Mediterranean ancestry. Greeks, Italians, Spaniards, Portuguese, Serbians, Croats, Albanians, Lebanese, Turks and Armenians are all considered Wogs. Basically, anyone with an olive complexion that you could picture with a gold chain buried in a patch of black chest hair.

To me I would add: hair is cut in a fade and wears man purse.


One thing I really love about Sydney is the mix of different people here. In Miami I felt it was all Hispanic which I loved growing up in that culture but here is seems way more expanded. Even through the nanny network I used I have met so many people from around the world. To name a few: German, Swedish, Greek, Lebanese, lots of different people from Asia. It’s such an awesome experience to see a world outside the US.


I’m heading to Brisbane tomorrow to meet Alex’s family and celebrate Christmas there, really excited to meet them and see a new part of this amazing country!



One thought on “Man-Purse Convention

  1. That’s a lot of man-purses. Was this a shirtless man-purse convention with a lot of colored rainbows? Hmmmm.
    Even so, I can’t wait to see you. All I need is some strong medication to knock me out for the plane ride. Love you more,

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